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Company Description


We develop Artificial Intelligence algorithms which trade the financial markets on a 100% automated basis. The primary markets traded are US equities, Forex, precious metals and Indices.

All trade execution is 100% automated via software integrations with brokers and all of the software technology is proprietary, wholly owned and developed in house.

Unique Selling Points


Outfits claiming to use AI or machine learning to trade are a dime a dozen but at Foxrock we have developed a genuine Unique Edge.

We have developed our own fully bespoke data, derived from existing technical indicators in a Unique Foxrock way to hand hold AI and shine a light for it into the noise and it works!

Our unique machine learning data features are very significantly more predictive of future price action than all of the 100's of standard trading indicators used worldwide.


Two Business Models

  1. We trade company funds and retain 100% of the gains.

  2. We license our software to Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals and other suitable entities who can use it to trade for themselves.


Foxrocks Unique Edge

We have developed our own bespoke derived data features for machine learning which are significantly more predictive than all of the standard indicators used by traders worldwide. 

All of our algorithms are developed 100% internally and all IP is wholly owned. With our unique Foxrock edge we are achieving 50% plus gain per annum net of broker fees and slippage.

Algo #1 Mid Cap plus US Equity Sniper


Our US mid-cap Equity 'Sniper' is based on our own machine learning. It's a 6-day gain / loss predictor which 'trains' nightly on all mid-cap US equities. About 1,700+ individual machine learning models are built every night for our AI so it is an industrial scale operation.

  • Signals are generated daily at 9:45 EST

  • Expected annual gain 50%+ after broker fees and slippage

Backtest Results (Net of Broker Fees and Slippage)

--- Foxrock Equity Sniper % Returns

--- S&P500 % Returns

* Real money live trading results perform very similar to backtext results




Marcus Brennan

Founder - CEO

Lukasz Kopytko

Data Scientist

Alex Brennan Molano

Python Developer


Contact Us


Foxrock Fintech

Foxrock Fintech is a trading name of The Dublin algo Trading Co Ltd, registered in Ireland number 753291

27 Cherbury Court

Booterstown Avenue


Co. Dublin


A94 T8N0


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