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Transforming Trading with AI: Join the New Era of Financial Growth.


Data-Driven. AI-Powered. Results-Oriented.

Foxrock develops Artificial Intelligence algorithms which trade the financial markets using machine learning models. Trading is typically 100% automated but in some cases human approval maybe required. The primary markets traded are US equities, Forex, precious metals and Indices. Trade execution is typically completed via software integrations with brokers such as Interactive Brokers and all of the software technology is proprietary, wholly owned and developed in house.

Our Algorithms

At Foxrock Fintech, we pioneer in AI-driven algorithmic trading, led by industry experts, consistently surpassing performance targets in US Equities and FX markets. Our tailored strategies are designed to meet and exceed the ambitious financial goals of our clients.

US Equity ML sniper 6 day.

Premium US Equity ML sniper 6 day.

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Get to know us

Our Story

Since its inception in the 2010s by Marcus Brennan, a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Foxrock Fintech has consistently played a significant role in evolving algorithmic trading. Our progression from advanced statistical approaches to incorporating AI-driven algorithms in trading US Equities and FX markets highlights our dedication to continuous improvement and our pursuit of excellence in the fintech space.


Meet the Team

Meet the driving forces behind our innovative approach: a visionary CEO who not only leads but codes, a Head of Data Science steering our algorithmic mastery, and a Python Developer sculpting the future of fintech. Together, they blend leadership, expertise, and technical prowess to redefine investment possibilities


This material is presented for informational purposes and reflects general market insights. It should not be interpreted as tailored investment guidance or relied upon for decision-making. Prior outcomes are not predictive of future returns. It is advisable to consult with an independent financial expert before undertaking any investment activity.

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