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Company Description


We are an Irish Fintech Technology firm based in Dublin, Ireland. We have developed our own trading platform and our own trading algorithms to trade the markets.

We have two algorithms trading live today focused on US mid-cap equities and other algorithms are in test.

We are focused on optimising current algorithms and developing new ones for mid-cap US equities. Additionally, we are also diversifying into FX, indices and precious metals.


Business Model


We offer our services as a portflio manager to asset managers. We are not asset managers and we are not a fund.

We are not required to be regulated and do not offer regulatory cover.

We charge no management fees.

We are rewarded on a performance fee only.

As owners and controllers of our own technology we have the ability to offer a bespoke solution to integrate our trading signals into your trading platform for automated trade execution where possible. Where not possible we can offer manual execution or signal generation to trading teams.


Our Algorithms


We have several categories of algorithms ranging accross statistical arbitrage, fundamental analysis and machine learning.

Some algoritms are 100% automated and some generate signals which we review before accepting.

Equity Pair Trading


Our US mid-cap Equity Pair trading algorithm is 100% automated. It selects equity pairs using our own automated fundamental analysis process and trades them using our own mean reversion execution algorithim.

  • Fully hedged (long / short)

  • Expected annual gain 15%

  • YTD gain 7% (as at May 12th 2023)

  • Annualised YTD gain run rate 18.6%

Machine Learning Equity Sniper


Our US mid-cap Equity 'Sniper' is based on our own machine learning. It's a 6-day gain / loss predictor which 'trains' nightly on all mid-cap US equities.

  • Signals are generated daily at 9:45 EST

  • Signals are not automaticaly executed, they are first reviewed by our team before being either accepted or rejected 

  • Expected annual gain 30%

  • Currently significantly beating expected annual gain




We offer asset managers our services as a 'Portfolio Manager'.

  • No management fees

  • No retainer

  • Performance only fee

  • We trade using buy / sell signals from our algorithms


​Because we are software developers and control our technology we offer bespoke integration (where possible) to your platform for trade execution. Otherwise we can execute manually on your platform or failing that we can provide signal generation to your traders for execution.



Marcus Brennan

Founder - CEO

Lukasz Kopytko

Data Scientist


Craig Johnson

Managing Partner

Alex Brennan Molano

Python Developer


Contact Us


Foxrock Fintech Ltd.

34 Baggot Street Upper


Dublin 4

Rep of Ireland


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